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Shikishi, literally "colored paper", is a thick, square paper that appeared in Japan over a thousand years ago and is still used today.

The shikishi is traditionally a medium for calligraphy, poems and illustrations.

Shodou, or the way of writing, is a form of artistic writing in Japanese that has been practiced since the 6th century. True philosophy linked to Zen Buddhism, this art represents the link between body and mind.

All of the shikishi we offer on Onamaesama are handmade and on demand by a professional calligrapher here in Tokyo.

Traditional or Personal

On Onamaesama,

You can order a personalized shikishi that will have the kanji of your choice, for example Love 愛, as well as your name (or that of the person to whom you want to give it) translated by us into Japanese katakana.

You can also order a traditional shikishi with a proverb of your choice written on it and an accompanying illustration. Each illustration is linocut pressed using an engraved stamp and hand colored.

The Little Plus

In Japan, the packaging is as important as the gift itself. This is why we offer our shikishi in beautiful custom-made boxes and wrapped in Japanese "washi" paper glittered with gold leaf.

Each box includes a traditional thick Japanese paper wall mount as well as a wooden mount. This set allows you to simply hang your shikishi on the wall or display it on a piece of furniture.

New !

In collaboration with Sosaku Japan, find the Kimono Art on Onamaesama!

Sosaku is a Tokyo-based initiative that strives to support artists and artisans living in Japan by sharing their creations and ideas. Founded in 2021 by Nana, Sosaku plans to slowly expand its roster of artists, bringing awareness to a range of independent designers and their work.

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