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Traditional Shikishi

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Decorate your interior with an original shikishi made by a master of Japanese calligraphy

Four designs to choose from:

Maneki Neko accompanied by the proverb: 家族団欒 "kazoku danran", which symbolizes harmony in the family circle. Literally "The United Family".

Daruma accompanied by the proverb: 七転び八起き "nana korobi ya oki", which symbolizes perseverance. Literally "Fall 7 times, get up 8 times".

Fujisan accompanied by the proverb: 千里の道も一歩から "senri no michi mo ippo kara", which symbolizes determination. Literally: "A 1000 km journey begins with the first step".

Burger accompanied by the proverb: 腹が減っては戦できぬ "hara ga hette wa ikusa wa dekinu", which symbolizes wisdom. Literally: "You cannot fight if you are hungry".

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